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Mike Thorne

Transformation at the intersection of purpose, fellowship, and leadership.


How do you bring your full self to life and work?


How do you perform your best in all areas of your life?


How do you adopt a growth

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Vistage member companies grew 2.2x faster than average small and midsize US businesses.*

As a seasoned executive with a long career leading large private and public companies, I understand the challenges of leading and growing a business.

As a Vistage Executive Coach, I’m here to connect the most successful CEOs of small and midsize businesses so — together — we can share expertise, challenge one another to think critically, and arrive at better decisions.

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Mike Thorne | April 14, 2023

Why CEOs Need To Give Employees Purpose Through Their Passion

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Hustle With Heart

My book, Hustle With Heart: Unlocking Self-Worth Through Personal Trust Communities is now available for purchase! Visit any of the below fine retailers to pick up your copy.

I find the author’s story to be inspiring and interesting. The tools presented are straightforward and easy to implement regardless of where people are on their self-discovery journey’s. Told with authenticity and heart this book kept me engaged from start to finish. Overall, I recommend this book to anyone looking to free themselves from their painful past.

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How we can work Together

Vistage Leadership Coaching

CEOs, business owners and high-level executives need a confidential environment to work out concerns and plans, challenges and opportunities.

1:1 Coaching

I have office hours to answer any questions and share guidance on how to build a lasting personal trust community, engage meaningfully with your team, or get laser-sharp on your personal vision.

Build your personal trust Community with me

I develop processes to foster equity, inclusion, and individual empowerment. I guide leaders and professionals in establishing personal trust communities to achieve their greatest ambitions.

Start building your community on your own

I've meticulously crafted a downloadable workbook so you can confidently work through my process to build your trust community, step by step, at your own pace.


Who is Mike Thorne ?

When I was nine, my parents told me I was adopted, and it shattered my sense of identity and belonging. After that point, I believed being “perfect” was the only way to avoid rejection and abandonment. For years, I chose to trust only myself.

It was only through finding the people I felt I belonged with and could trust, through sports, work, friends, and family, that I was able to build my confidence and truly believe in my ultimate success.

I call this group of people your personal trust community. In my own, my wife supports my emotional and social well-being. Father John supports my spiritual well-being. My personal trainer, Suzan, supports my physical well-being. They, along with several others, have helped me unleash my own greatness.

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Years Experience

Belong. Build. Believe.

Every single thing we do begins here.


What are personal trust Communities?

Finding the people and places where you feel you belong changes the trajectory of your life. I call these people our “personal trust communities.”

Personal trust communities give you role models and people who believe in you—which can be the difference between achieving your potential and staying stuck in neutral without growing.

They also give you people to lean on. Being able to rely on your community to push you past your perceived limitations and support you through difficult transformations is vital for your growth.

It’s what allows you to build.


Belong. Build. Believe.


When we don’t feel like we belong, we don’t believe we can achieve our goals—even if our track record says differently. But when we have belonging and community as our foundation, we can transform our organizations and our lives.


Personal trust communities infuse our lives with meaning, support, and a sense of our own value. These give us a foundation of equity, self-worth, and vulnerability to propel our life’s work forward and build our greatest dreams.


The act of building gives us the confidence to believe in ourselves. When we genuinely believe in ourselves, our work, and others, we overcome self-doubt to achieve the unthinkable and unleash our own greatness.

Build trust. Renew dignity. Unleash greatness.


Why build personal trust communities?

So many leaders and institutions focus narrowly on results, on wins and losses. But this framework negatively impacts equity, growth and, ultimately, our hope for building a better world.

I have a different framework: building trust.

To be a good leader, you have to care about people—not just the bottom line. By focusing on human dignity and building trust among teams, we empower leaders to execute change and transform lives.


What Others Say

Angela Kornas
Angela Kornas

VP of Design and Product Development, Dolphin Swimwear

Mike brings greatness to [his work] every day, and it has an effect on the people around him.

Rita Sorenson
Rita Sorenson

CEO of the David Thomas Foundation

What sets Mike apart are his interpersonal skills. His servant leadership mindset and focus on the human component of his position are remarkable.

John Dowd
John Dowd

Director of Retail Sales, Rawlings

Mike was the first executive who made me think not about where the business was today, but where it could be if I had the tools necessary to build as I wanted.

Shane Johnston
Shane Johnston

Senior Director of Digital Business, Rawlings

Within the first month, Mike took the time to understand me, my strengths and weaknesses. From there, he spent whatever time was necessary (or requested) to help me navigate everything from office politics to visionary strategy that propelled me forward. Thanks to Mike’s encouragement, I am working on ‘creating my own story’ and fulfilling my wants and dreams, instead of being a part of someone else’s.

Kurt Richter
Kurt Richter

Director of Customer Service and Sales Operations, Yankee Candle

Mike’s strength is motivation, but motivation is the byproduct of his ability to make you feel special first—to make you feel that you are needed, a critical part of the team. That changed me professionally and personally. [His] constant reminders of how important people and family are kept things in perspective.

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