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About Trust Inside

I believe in thetransformative power of restoring Human Dignity, Belonging, and Trust.

When I’m getting to know a person, I ask them to tell me about a time when their dignity was taken away. Often, these are the moments that hold so many of us back from what we can achieve.

My moment came at age nine. My parents told me I was adopted, and I thought, Why would someone not want me?

Everyone is born with an innate sense of dignity—the worthiness of being respected, cared for, and valued. But when something overthrows this sense of worthiness, the impact can stay with us throughout our lives.

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It’s discovering our story around dignity, and surrounding ourselves with people who reinforce our worth, that allows us to weaken the impact and regain our power.

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Personal trust communities empower individuals to go as far as their talents, dreams, and efforts will take them.

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We can do anything

Being Part of a Team

Whether it’s being a part of a team, culture, or organization that accepts us for who we are, having a sense of belonging and trust in those around us allows us to own and unlock greater potential within ourselves.

When I found people who “wanted me,” I realized I could do anything. And I was right. Building and investing in my trust communities laid the groundwork, propelling me to take on senior leadership roles and ultimately start my own venture. Now, it’s propelled me to help other leaders do the same.

My Mission

To restore people’s sense of dignity to unleash their greatness.

My Vision

A world where people are celebrated for who they are and recognize that they are worthy of self-esteem simply because they are here.

Belong. Build. Believe.

My Background & Purpose

I specialize in facilitating transformations in human beings and business leaders by helping them create trust communities and cultures of inclusion. These communities and cultures help people feel inspired, increase their engagement, and improve organizational performance on every level. I inject a passion for excellence into those I serve while delivering impact through sustainable growth

Career History

Over the course of my career, I’ve worked in sales, business development, and leadership in seven different industries, including as President of the Wholesale Division for Yankee Candle; Senior Vice President of Global Sales, Customer Service, and Analytics for Rawlings Sporting Goods; and CEO of Challenger Turf Inc.

Building My Own Business

Since 2017, I have advised business executives through my own company, Ask Inside. In 2021, I continued that work by becoming a Vistage Chair, facilitating meetings of northern New England’s business owners and executives who come together to solve problems, support each other, and design innovative solutions to grow their businesses.

We Can Do Great Things

Whether it’s running a business, competing in an Ironman, or being a good husband and father, I know that I can only be successful when I surround myself with folks who believe in me and lift me up. Because when we feel like we belong, we can do great things.

Belong. Build. Believe.


About Mike Thorne

When I was nine, my parents told me I was adopted, and it shattered my sense of identity and belonging. After that point, I believed being “perfect” was the only way to avoid rejection and abandonment. For years, I chose to trust only myself.

It was only through finding the people I felt I belonged with and could trust, through sports, work, friends, and family, that I was able to build my confidence and truly believe in my ultimate success.

I call this group of people your personal trust community.

In my own, my wife supports my emotional and social well-being. Father John supports my spiritual well-being. My personal trainer, Suzan, supports my physical well-being. They, along with several others, have helped me unleash my own greatness.

Seeing my own transformation using the help of my personal trust community spurred me to want to help others find their personal trust communities too.

I now help executives and individuals determine what’s holding them back, restore their dignity, and build personal trust communities in their lives and organizations to unleash their own greatness and achieve their goals.

Build trust. Renew dignity. Unleash greatness.