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A Dream Realized: Launching My Personal Trust Community Cohort Program This Year

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After years in the making, I am excited and humbled to announce that… I’m launching my Personal Trust Community Program! This structured, immersive personal development program starts with the very first cohort this year.   This is something that has been on my mind for several years now, and I finally have the pieces (personal and professional) in place to launch it—it feels surreal. But first, I want to tell you a story. Many of you know this story, but it is the story at the root of all the work I do, and it is the reason I am here today. Where it all began When I was nine years old, my parents delivered some life-altering news—news that made me feel as if I could only count on myself, and that, if I wasn’t perfect, I could easily be left behind. I took those feelings to heart. My mindset revolved around solving my own problems, and doing so flawlessly, resulting in professional and personal success—until it didn’t. And despite all of the early successes, I felt unfulfilled and alone most, if not all, of the time. And it not only affected the way I showed up in the world, but also every decision I made and every transformation I weathered.  For a long time, I made choices in my personal life that held me back. I shielded who I was and took jobs—although they were logical steps and grew my “resume”—to prove my worth to the world. I felt as if I had to control my decisions and destiny or it could all be taken away. Combined with a strong desire to fit in and show others my value, those choices undermined me in so many ways. I took lefts when I should have made rights, because I didn’t know how to ask for help. Plus, I didn’t trust anyone enough to feel comfortable. I worried that showing vulnerability would also make me vulnerable to being left behind. Not a great way to show up personally or professionally. Here’s the thing, though: life is all about transformations.  We’re constantly evaluating where we are and determining where to go next. And for all of us, there are numerous factors that have an impact on the decisions we make—not just our hopes and dreams, but our anxieties, ideas about the world and what it means to be successful, and the expectations of our loved ones. With so many factors to sift through, it’s easy to get off track. It’s easy to start following someone else’s North Star, or take a roundabout route to arrive at your own. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Over the course of my life and career, I identified a process that must unfold during any successful transition. I call it “Belong, Build, Believe.” We’re all unique, but there’s one thing we share It’s the idea that we must belong, or feel as if we’re a part of a team, organization, or community, before we can build the confidence necessary to contribute the best of what we have to offer, and ultimately believe in our success. In working with thousands of people, I’ve learned that everyone has one thing in common, regardless of their background: When someone doesn’t feel like they belong, they won’t have the confidence to bring their whole self to the table, and instead of committing to a business or a relationship, they will be compliant. Further, building confidence is a continuous process that always comes back to belonging. Believing in ourselves requires us to continually remind ourselves that we’re capable—and have others reinforce that we belong, too.  And while it sounds counterintuitive and many of us would like to think otherwise, believing in ourselves often requires having someone else believe in us first.  Having a community that supports us helps us get to our goals faster, because community reminds us that we aren’t alone in our struggles. Eventually, I learned that I could make better decisions, bring more value to the table, and do it much quicker when I consulted trusted members of my community. And more than that, I had to seek out the right people for help addressing the right issues. Diverse needs require diverse support I had to build a Personal Trust Community—people who challenge and support me through my journey in life. For instance, some of my best college friends were great at building me up when I needed it, but maybe not ideal resources for specific business challenges for which they didn’t have context. Childless colleagues could help me navigate a salary conversation, but they couldn’t provide valuable insights on how to find harmony between my responsibilities in the office with those at home. Nor should I go to the people whom I knew only told me what I wanted to hear. Instead, I had to ask those who understood my conundrum and could provide a thoughtful and objective perspective. When I realized that, everything clicked. There’s truly nothing better than having human beings in your life who will grab you by the arm and say, “You’ve got this.” Those who are honest with you and aren’t afraid to say when you’ve taken a wrong step because they trust in your ability to bounce back. I didn’t learn these lessons in the classroom. I learned through trial and error. It took me a long time to put it all together, to make decisions with intention and rely on the right bench strength. But once I understood how much my relationships could enrich my life—and that the two most important phrases in the English language are “I love you” and “I need help”—I found myself heading in the right direction. I had to hustle, yes, but I could do it with heart, letting others support me along the way.  And now, I have the privilege of being able to share this journey—the pains, the questions, the lessons, and the endless gifts—with those who are ready to embark on journeys of their own. Putting my experience to work, for you The Personal Trust Community Program takes members through four phases of growth over a total of 10 week, enough time to dive deep, work one-on-one and collectively, and put into action the areas we find together as opportunities for growth. My greatest hope—and what I believe can be possible for those who invest themselves fully—is that everyone who goes through this program leaves with a renewed sense of dignity, self-understanding, determination, and the necessary resources to pursue their greatest lives. I’ll share more about the program itself, including details such as: the number of people in each cohort, the ins and outs of each of the four phases, who might enjoy and benefit most from this work, and more. For now, though, I’m excited and honored to share this news with you all. You’ve been with me along this journey, and I wouldn’t be here if there weren’t folks like you who also want to build, belong, and believe, and who know there is more to be found in life. Thank you, and I can’t wait to see where this takes us. If you have any questions or want to talk about the program, please reach out to me at  

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