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How to Create and Benefit from Your Own Trust Community, on Business Innovators Radio

Business Innovators Radio

Companies the world over often narrowly focus on profits and losses. This remains consistent across industries and business sizes—and it misses the mark.

I was grateful to join Ralph Brogden on his podcast, Business Innovators Radio, to discuss the importance of Personal Trust Communities for both seasoned and fledgling leaders.

After a career in executive-level leadership, I believe in a more human-centered measurement of success: people, listening, learning, and leverage. As a leader, consultant, and transformer, I’ve created a framework to tap into the heart of what makes great teams tick: community. And yet, most struggling teams share this missing link. Yet, people are looking for others to unlock themselves.

In this episode, I share with Ralph how teams can unite and support one another through Personal Trust Communities in the episode below. Tune in here! 

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