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One Layoff Away from Realizing Life Is a Team Sport, on the One Away Podcast with Bryan Wish

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After being let go from my dream job as a young professional, I learned a hard truth or two about myself. Having those realizations led me to work through my fears in order to become a leader who helps others see their own potential.

Earlier this month, I joined Bryan Wish, Founder and CEO of BW Missions, on the One Away Podcast to discuss my life journey and mission to restore human dignity. Thank you Bryan for the invitation!

In this episode, I share just how I leveraged my fear of abandonment to become a stronger leader who now helps others realize their potential—and then execute on it and unleash their greatest selves.

Tune in to the full episode, “Mike Thorne: One Layoff Away From Realizing Life is a Team Sport,” on Apple Podcasts here, or watch the episode in full here.

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